"Do you think shes hot? No but Id Tap her" she is Tappable
by Kbrill June 24, 2007
A gurl/guy who is good enough to tap (have sex with)
Damn! He's Tappable!
by Savannah March 18, 2003
A chick that has a nice ass that u think u would like to get a piece of.
Damn man did you see that girls ass!! THATS TAPPABLE
by Big boyz6969 October 8, 2010
Able to be tapped

Tapped "Tap that ass" - Sexy
"I Declare Thee : Tappable!"

"That is, indeed, a tappable woman!"

"Look at the guy, he's totally tappable!"
by Omega Jimes June 26, 2006
noun, the quality of being tappable
a. "Look at that fine man..."
b. "He exudes tappability."
by chyoi March 10, 2005
an adjective for a sexy woman, one that you could fathom having sex with.
damn that bitch is fine, she is for sure tappable
by Anonymous October 21, 2002
Woman with a cooter worth injecting. Face matters not, pussy has none.
"Yeah, Megan ain't the best looking. Fine ass though."


by murphy December 22, 2003