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Tapped is a word to describe someone who is dosey and messed up at the same time.
You were just taking a walk and a brick fell onto your head, you get no surgery after and stay the way you are.
Tapped is how you would be after, dosey, tapped, messed up
by TaPpEd ToNkIn August 30, 2018
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an expression used to describe strange or stupid behaviour or experiences
"When I was trippin' last night, I saw a wheelchair flying through the sky"
"You're tapped mate"
by stubbs May 04, 2003
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"I was tapped after working that 12 hour shift."

"Buying all those shots at the bar left me tapped by last call."
by sixpac November 09, 2003
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1. To gain access to something. Usually sexual relations with a female.
2. An untapped resource is a female who hasnt been with any guys yet, or a quiet girl with a lot of potential that not many people rate or notice.
1. I gunna tap that ass!
We tapped the Keg.
2. That new girl in my tutorial is an untapped resource, everyone thinks she's a nerd...But I just know it can be tapped!
by Diego October 02, 2003
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drunk, more than tipsy but less then smashed. Probably came from Bermuda as they are the only ones who ever use it.
That Bermudian only had 3 beers and he's tapped!
by wellthennnn January 31, 2011
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