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Originated in Northern California, Sacramento slang. Tap in/Tap inwardly/ Tapped in: fuck wit us, hit my line, link up etc. etc.
"Tap in wit me bro!"
"Nigga we tapped in!"
by 6Tusks October 05, 2017
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Northern California slang , more specificaly , MOZZY SLANG 916, OAK PARK , fuck wit us!! TAP INWARDLY! That means breathe on me , call me , hit me. You got my line , utilize that mothafucka
Mozzy: Tap in . Gon be in fresno !! Function wit the fella !
by baygirl707 July 28, 2017
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When you encounter a higher mindset vibe going from unconscious to conscious .
Tap in to yourself!
by Sicilian Queen January 30, 2019
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When you are attracted to someone and you want to fw/date them so you ask them out and tap in
Samuel:”Hey Kendal can I tap in
Kendal:”Hell naw boy”
by Beexh December 12, 2018
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when you smack your dick on your girls booty before you enter.
Bro 1: yo bro, when you’re about to have sex do you just put it right in?!

Bro 2: nah bro, you ‘tap in’ so she knows you’re about to enter
by bootyfiend January 28, 2019
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