The "Tangerine squirts" is a form of really sloppy, smelly, dis-coloured diarhoea.
John: Do you want to go out for some Indian food tonight?

Mike: Nah, iv still got the Tangerine squirts from the last Indian I had.
by Bigtim89yabass September 13, 2009
Cannabis Cup winner 2010. Beat out Super Lemon Haze to take the top spot. Hybrid Strain from Barney's Farm. Mix of Nevilles's Haze and G13.
Man I can't wait to try me some Tangerine Dream!
by opigfer April 4, 2011
Used to describe two things that are so similar that they are pretty much the same thing.
“Why we going this way, isn’t the other way faster?”
“Oranges and tangerines, mate
by eef119 January 4, 2022
1. From Tangerine Sky by Kottonmouth Kings
2. The color of the sky when the sun is near the horizon, not specifically sunrise or sunset.
"Say goodbye to a tangerine sky." Enjoy the sun when it's here and be at rest when it's not. "What if you were living yours instead of hatin mine, finding truth and spreading love and searching deep inside." Be yourself, take care of your family, and choose your words carefully. Listen to "Say Goodbye" from Double Dose vol. 2.
by Mario Alexander October 26, 2010
Having your lady friend apply her tangerine lip gloss before she gives you head using some tangerine lube.
All while listening to Tangerine by Led Zeppelin.
Jack: "Me & Jasmine get pretty kinky, bro"

Daniel: "How so, bro?"
Jack: "Tangerine Trifecta- for three times the pleasure!"

Daniel: "...sounds orgasmic"
by Coco Plant March 17, 2010
1. Someone who grew up and works on a tangerine farm but is allergic to said fruit.

2. Colloquially used for anyone whose work makes them sick either psychologically or physiologically.
1. Did you see the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver piece on Warehouses? Turns out those Amazon workers are a group of tangerine sufferers.

2. Sally dreads going to work because of the harassment she gets from her coworkers despite going to her line manager and HR. The poor tangerine sufferer doesn't know what to do.
by Tangent Sufferer July 22, 2020