As a tasty alternative to the famous "Brass Monkey", the Tangerine Terror is
achieved by drinking a 40oz beer (preferably a Hurricane) down to the top of it's
label, then filling it back up to the top with orange soda.

This differs slightly from a Brass Monkey, which uses orange juice instead of soda.

Also known as "Tangerone Tone"
Person 1: "What you mixin' up in that 40oz?"

Person 2: "You didnt hear!? its the Tangerine Terror!!!"

Person 3: "Tangerone Tone!"
by rhino5oh February 3, 2010
A musical group who made a soundtrack for Legend that's better than Jerry Goldsmith's.
Idiot: Jerry Goldsmith's Legend soundtrack is so much better. That Tangerine Dream crap sounds dated. There are too many synthesizers used.

Smart Person: Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack is generic and doesn't fit the movie. If you listen to synthesizer music enough you'll be de-synthetized.
by Spookie Clowncake August 25, 2018
you: ill have a pint of bitter, and a gin and tonic please.

bartender: that will be £7 please

Your friend: You're gonna need a tangerine warrior for them bad boys
by Bloxo May 5, 2011
A thick, dark, sour, lethal gas that is only found silently creeping out of the darkest depths of your ass.

See soupy fart
Martin: *sniffs* Damn, Gina! Yo ass is fine, but what's cookin' up in there sure as hell ain't. Got me smellin' like tangerine farts.
by Chauncey'sGreatBigAnus October 18, 2015
The best freaking color ever found in the crayola crayon box (Added in 1972)
Also can be used as some thing that is totally the bomb
Guy1:"Dude can I borrow your Atomic Tangerine?"
Guy2: "No way man, it's too cool for you!"
Guy1: "Did you see that new moive? It was super fly!"
Guy2: "Yeah! It was atomic tangerine."
by hillafree July 17, 2008
Where the man takes up the doggy position and the woman plays with the man's testicle from behind.
Paul had an obsession about getting a tangerine tickler.
by The_Dream September 11, 2021
tangerine boi is a red-headed character in the volleyball anime haikyuu. he is tangerine boi and not orange boi because he is tiny
"hi little tangerine boi " said kageyama,
"hi milk boi" said tangerine boi.
by ~tangerine girl~ October 28, 2020