When a mommy orange, and a daddy orange love each other very much, they make baby orange. (Tangerine)
by HolyHorseballs February 13, 2018
Discrete way of saying someone has a nice arse
Guy: "Oi, love!"
Girl: "yeah?"
Guy: "Nice tangerine!"


"I was in Burma, and I once saw a girl, with a tangerine, the size... of a ruby"
by Pilchy March 23, 2012
Tangerine is a word to describe a Character by the name of Shoyo Hinata from the anime Haikyuu and was given the name by his partner and fellow rival Tobio Kageyama
by Cari5698 August 7, 2020
When a person fake tans to much, and becomes an unreal orange color.
"Did you see how orange that girl is?"
"Yeah, shes a tangerine..."
by Jimmy J7459 January 15, 2009
Girls who go tanning way to much causing a wrinkly orange affect on they're skin.
Whoah! Dude! Isn't she hot?
No way man, She's a tangerine.
by bittles April 4, 2009
A term for someone who pretends to be drunk or to drink alcohol when in actuality they don't.
Bro - "Hey man, you see Jessica? She's wasted man."

Bro 2 - "Nah, she's just a tangerine."
by not andy dick September 5, 2010
1. A small orange
2. A led zeppelin song
3. A really fat and lazy orange cat
1. Want a tangerine?
2. Have you heard Tangerine? it's good
3. Tangerine STOP EATING, it's been 3 hrs!
by Coca December 24, 2003