An incredibly funny British correspondent/writer for the Daily Show. He also does stand up, which I hear is hilarious, and co-hosts The Bugle with Andy Zaltzman, among other things.
Jon Stewart: Are we suggesting that any interrogation technique, then, could be allowed under the President's discretion under the right circumstances?
John Oliver: What, d'ya mean like, um, affixing a leech to a man's eyeball? Or, um, forcing him to drink horse semen, you know? Would those be torture?
Jon Stewart: (very long pause) I...yes, that would be tor...
John Oliver: WRONG JON! They are scenes from the number one movie in America, Jackass Number 2!
by Azmera June 25, 2010
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One of the only news anchors on TV rn who seems to know what he’s talking about
Guy1- Hey Did you see John Oliver last night?

Guy2- Yeah I hope he find that painting of two gay rats fucking
by Dude16262727 April 7, 2020
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Putting peanut butter on your ballsack and having a dog lick it. A dangerous or pleasurable activity.
Billy: how did you spend Saturday night?
Jimothy: The John Oliver.
Billy: TMI bro....
by JuanCarlosTaco March 15, 2016
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When you go to extreme lengths, sometimes do extremely weird, sometimes expensive, or petty antics, in order to getting a point your trying to make.
"Hey man don't you think you've made your point?"
No way man. John Olivering it will definitely get the message across
by IceBear7232 October 28, 2022
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