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1. The act of banning any Taliban member from a specific area or activity.

Examples include: Crossing a border, entering a city, serving on a tribal committee or boarding an airplane. In some cases, local governments are trying to recruit ex-Taliban members into the fold, providing a way out from "Talibanishment."

2. The continuing effort by Pakistani and Afghani officials to eliminate Taliban violence by labeling specific individuals or groups as terrorists.

3. An extremely difficult task.
Mustafa won't be coming to Lahore for the soccer game next week. He's been Talibanned.
by Peter Kobs January 04, 2010
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2 Definitions
1. To do something so severe that an indefinite ban is put into place
2. To get kicked out of the Taliban
For Definition 1:

Walker Elementary School: Hello, may we please speak to Mrs. Eganstein
Mrs. Eganstein: Yes, speaking.
Walker Elementary School: Hello, we are calling about your son Erik. In the cafeteria today he did an unspeakable gesture towards a group of female students with a taquito. We are going to have to investigate the incident, but until then Erik will have to be Talibanned. Come pick him up immediately.

For Definition 2
Terrorist 1: Hey Terrorist 2 did you hear about Wahib
Terrorist 2: No Terrorist 1, what happened?
Terrorist 1: Apparently he was caught with an iPod full of Phil Collins discography, and a picture of a woman in typical western attire. He got Talibanned.
Terrorist 2: Wow that's Talibananas brah
by Harold Jeremy Paull February 06, 2014
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Anass Rhamar - "I will come to your house and rape your cat if you don't stop killing me."

uber pwnr - "lulwut?"

Anass Rhamar has been TaliBanned
by Sam1234299 August 11, 2010
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