1. The complete collection of recorded music of a specific artist.
-"Do you have any Led Zeppelin albums?"
-"Man, I have their entire discography."
by Daniel S August 8, 2005
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discography (verb): to download the entire discography of a band via vuse or another torrent after listening to, but not necessarily enjoying, one or more songs performed by said band.
Me: i love this song. Who is it by?

friend: its by System of a down do you like it?

Me: yeah i love it. I think im going to go discography them right now!
by Dante was here June 23, 2010
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This is used to describe TXT's discography because they have the best 4th gen discography and one of the best overall. No one can compete with them for real.
"wow TXT have no skips! All their songs are so good! They definitely have the best 4th gen discography and best overall discography as well!"
by so true bestie May 25, 2021
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