In the movie business, "take one" is the first try at filming a particular scene. It is what is called out at the beginning. If the actors mess up the lines, etc, it will go to "take two" or "take three" or "take forty-seven."
"Take one!" shouted the director as the scene began.
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004
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(1) get hired -either 'him' or 'her', ie: take her/him on

(2) acceptance as sex partner, "lover", business partner
jim mcfoolsis the employer, didn't think he needed to take a human on, but had to take one on anyway

kate convinced the candy store owner to take her on

mark got the green light from carrie, that she would take him on
by michael foolsley December 22, 2009
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The favorite phrase of buisness executives and teenagers alike. "Take one" is often followed by the word free.
Can be found at trade shows and buisness/organization confrences: "take one" pencils and other miscellaneous items for advertising.
Can be found at high schools and doctors offices: "take one" packets on pregnancy, diseases, braces, and homosexuality (among other things).
While looking at the display covered in free information packets about things like avoiding pregnancy, Clara thought to her self "too bad i cant get a take one on how to give great head."
by K to the I to the R November 17, 2005
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To take part in the recieving of one item.
I began to take one of my Mother's cellular telephones so I could text my cool white guy friend from the siz-outh.
by Alec May 15, 2004
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