The "tadpole" like shrapnel emptied into the toilet bowl from your bowels after eating salad the day before or that day and it requires lbs of toilet paper to cleanse, it's almost like wiping your ass with wax paper.
I took a crap and the bowl was full of tadpoles!
by Q8 December 01, 2007
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A derrogatory term for a Belgian. (Almost French, but not quite)

see frog
"Someone pinched my wallet in Antwerp! Fuckin' tadpoles!"
by Phuyuck '74 March 24, 2004
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According to the 24 year old Ashton irwin tadpoles are baby turtles there for onins have layers and that why Ashton Irwin is always rigth :')
Ashton: tadpoles are baby tutels

Everybody:*turns heads to ashton*
via giphy
by 5sos definitions July 11, 2018
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A strong person who always threatens to beat you up, but never has the balls to. It's often their fault.
That meathead tadpole has all bark no bite.
by DymondW March 14, 2017
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v: the act of inserting one's soft flaccid penis into the circular opening of the mouth belonging to someone who is sleeping. Upon insertion the soft and flaccid penis may be slightly dangled in a manner that the receiving mouth be tickled or left motionless in the mouth for a period of time left at the discretion of he who is performing the action.
Last night I gave Axl the tadpole. His sweaty ass hands must expel most of the water in his body because his mouth was as dry as sandpaper.
by Nick Polise July 30, 2008
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A close friend that one has known for an extended period. Someone that is held dear to the heart. A person who knows a great deal about another.
Hey, Tadpole, what's up?
by allison r. August 24, 2006
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