A wooden block that naughty people can sit on.
Ah man, I'm gonna go sit on a tadpole and I don't even care.
by MC Starbucks November 20, 2003
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A plus-12 inch pocket rocket.
She took off her dress and her jaw hit the floor when he reeled out the Tadpole.
by Burgos P. September 2, 2004
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When middle-aged women go on the prowl for younger men for easy sex. A frequent activity undertaken by urban cougars.
Denise, a recent divorcee, had only one weekend a month when her ex would take the kids; on those rare occasions, she frequently got slutted up to go tadpoling at the local college pubs and bars.
by KennNnNnZ May 26, 2007
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tadpoling: to date a man that is at least 10 years younger

tadpoler: a women dating a much younger man
You are tadpoling by dating such a young man.
by R E Miller February 4, 2007
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The type of semen that REAL men ejaculate.
Fuck what you know about being a man, I bust tadpoles son.
by mr.white April 26, 2008
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When your having intercourse using a condom. Right when you are about to finish you pull half way out of the condom. So that when you finish the condom is still left in the women. Not realizing it when she gets up to pee the condom is still hanging from her like a tadpoles tail.
While having sex with a condom on pull your dick half way out. After you cum the condom is still left in her. When she gets up to go pee she wont know that it's hanging between her legs like a The Tadpole tail. When she pees it fall off like a tadpoles tail.
by Spyder2k99 November 7, 2008
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A way of saying you kinda like someone but not completely yet.
You say, "I like you a tadpole. Maybe one day it'll become a frog."
by BreeDizzle March 20, 2011
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