It's sad how Anna and her tadpole get all these stares from the close-minded, just because of their differences in age.
by Neon October 16, 2003
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An underdeveloped person of low mental capacity, and value compared to others of the same kind. Much as a tadpole is just an underdeveloped, and lower level of a frog.
"I have this huge tadpole in my Spanish class, and I can't tell if he has autism or not."
by cornellu68 February 28, 2017
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Don’t listen to your biology lessons, tadpoles are frog sperm
by holamisamigos March 19, 2018
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Attempting to give someone (most likely a male) the Shocker but unfortunately the pinky is left without an orifice, thus wiggling around like a tadpole.
The gentleman was unaware that he had accidentally given the woman the Tadpole rather than the much desired Shocker.
by dubpen October 5, 2010
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A strong person who always threatens to beat you up, but never has the balls to. It's often their fault.
by DymondW March 15, 2017
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A one-nutted penis.
Check out Dustin's tadpole. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
by Smokey D November 22, 2003
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A close friend that one has known for an extended period. Someone that is held dear to the heart. A person who knows a great deal about another.
Hey, Tadpole, what's up?
by allison r. August 25, 2006
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