when Joe droped his drawers for his first peice of puntang his woman sed "wow thats an awfull small tadpol, do u have a bigger brother"
by clitmasterxxx October 5, 2003
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Someone who has a big head and a small tail
James you are a tadpole.
by Stephen wilson February 12, 2007
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Your penis when used for ejaculatory puposes. Your tadpoles (sperm) are generally shot from your cannon into the toad hole (vagina). Abbreviated TPC.
Man, I totally fired my Tadpole Cannon in her toad hole.

My Tadpole Cannon kinda burns after all of the toad hole I got this weekend, do you think I have somthing?

I need to reload my tadpole cannon, I am out of ammo after spending the weekend in the swamp.

I need to keep my tadpole cannon holstered.
by Three Chauches October 18, 2006
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Altered state of mind in a man caused by lack of sex. As if the tadpoles (sperm) are backing up to behind the eyes, affecting the vision. Can make average women appear extremely attractive. In extreme cases EVERY woman seems attractive.
Dude, did you just check out my grandma's ass?

Sorry bro, I need to get laid, I've got mad tadpole vision!
by path of least resistance January 27, 2010
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When a drunk old man takes his schlong out and rams it into a window while yelling out the phrase "Squished tadpole! Squished Tadpole!" Often done while over consuming cheap and hard alcohol.
I was relaxing in my car the other day and I looked over and seen Gaylords squished Tadpole.
by Hcaz Sakraf November 29, 2006
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A female who has slept with so many men she is "full of" tadpoles.
that tadpole slut strangers swimming in her uterus they've created their own swamp society in there!"
by 12blah June 30, 2014
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