Same as TYD but as TYM meaning take your mom.
Omg His name is TYMjay he gonna take yo mom! Hide her!!
by Gracieswirl May 18, 2019
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Tom: Its tym for me to go for a walk now
John: Ok wat tym will you b bak?
Tom: in 30 mins tym or so.
by 2k7 Bless August 17, 2007
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To do, say, act really dumb
Jose: What the hell is Mike doing, who has ketchup with ice cream
Ed: He's acting like a god damn Tym
by kweezy101 January 11, 2011
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A mediocre white man my boyfriend can’t buy weed from. Also he crashed someone else’s car. Spells his name with a “Y” because he has an incessant need to feel “quirky.”
I don’t like Tym. He charges $25 gram.
by CockoCoco October 31, 2019
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Ye Man , Do you wanna smoke some Tym
by Smogaveli June 22, 2017
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