This sweet nickname is for anyone named Tim, Timmy, or Timothy but spells their name Tym, Tymmy, or Tymothy! Only people named Elizabeth may actually call a Tym, Tymmy, or Tymohty by this name!

OH, Tymminy Tym Tym....
by The first Tymminy Tym Tym March 23, 2009
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Oh hell yeah! I came to orgasm! that was a wonderful deed tyms!
by AmazingJuniorBros February 15, 2021
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Man 1: Hey do you know Maya Tym?
Man 2: Yeah she’s a bitch
by Gladiator_Jet September 1, 2020
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Making out with a girl on a pontoon boat and then calling her an Uber and not letting her spend the night
I went out with this guy last night and things were going great but then he pulled a Dirty Tym and send me home
by Smith M. Lake JR September 22, 2021
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Tym of Toys, its when u play with orgasmic fucking toys.
by AmazingJuniorBros February 5, 2021
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A old and really annoying teacher. Nickname: 'TIMMMMYYY!!'
'Hey TIMMMYYY! Fuck you Mr Tym.'
by Pressie371 February 22, 2012
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