A million, million, millions... as in:
1, 000,000, 000,000, 000,000 or 10^18
...from tri as in three.
It is lazily commonly missused for a million millions, which is in fact a billion, from bi as in two (...and not a thousand million).
You see, a tricycle does not have two wheels and a bicycle does not have one and a half wheels.
A trillion dollars is a million, million, millions of dollars and a billion dollars is a million, millions of dollars. A thousand million dollars is $1,000, 000,000.
by Repete456 December 28, 2009
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1-possible title for Carl Sagan's next book, had he lived longer.
2-the hyperinfintesmel amount of taxpayers' money spent bailing out banks in 2008 and '09.
3-a very large number
4- "# served" marquis-line on a random McDonald's inter-phase highway location in the year 2412...
Me: How many bytes in the universe Carl???
Carl Sagan MMCIVX: Trillions and trillions would barely begin the count Floyd... Let's grab a burger at the fly-thru...
by d.w.floyd March 28, 2009
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Used in as a metaphor for "a lot".
Man, there's trillions of stupid people in the world.
by Vaun December 16, 2003
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Sorry, the above definition is a little off. Actually, make that 999 billion off. A trillion is ten to the TWELFTH power (1,000,000,000,000). Ten to the ninth power is one billion.
by Kirk November 09, 2004
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Getting into a basketball game for one minute and not recording a single statistic. The line of the box score would have a 1 followed by 13 zeros.
An Ohio State benchwarmer achieved the trillion when he got in the blowout win over Michigan.
by theshark34 January 05, 2009
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(V) meaning too true and too real to be measured by any scale we know today. This word is scantly used.
Look at Andre, walkin around like he trillion and everyting.
by RobbingHood November 08, 2011
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