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A million, million, millions... as in:
1, 000,000, 000,000, 000,000 or 10^18
...from tri as in three.
It is lazily commonly missused for a million millions, which is in fact a billion, from bi as in two (...and not a thousand million).
You see, a tricycle does not have two wheels and a bicycle does not have one and a half wheels.
A trillion dollars is a million, million, millions of dollars and a billion dollars is a million, millions of dollars. A thousand million dollars is $1,000, 000,000.
by Repete456 December 28, 2010
The act of rotating or swirling tassels attached to one's nipples.
The best act at the strip club was the tasselating exotic dancer.
by Repete456 December 28, 2010
Exclamation expressed after a fish oil capsule bursts in your mouth before you have swallowed it.
I exclaimed "FOICK!" after the fish oil capsule burst in my mouth.
by Repete456 July 14, 2011
A complimentary term to describe someone of useful ability and indisputable intelligence.
They are usually direct, a coherent response everywhere exactly everything that can be considered rational thought.
Something or someone that's a big spread of everything. Someone who is both a brain and completely advanced, at the same time. Also known as "superetty".
That presentation by the Repete was one of the most sane and brainy things I have ever heard.
by Repete456 July 19, 2014
The act of starting something that you are planning on finishing... or maybe not planning on finishing!
The teased man asked the flirty girl if she was startishing.
by Repete456 December 28, 2010
If you're not going to write it properly and you're not going to get a dictionary and you're not going to bother learning how to spell and you're too lazy to care, then write it "YOU ARE"!
Your is not a contraction of you are, just as there or their is not a contraction of they are.
by Repete456 December 16, 2009
THIS IS MISPELT!?! The correct spelling is SEPARATE.
Too many ignorami spell SEPARATE as seperate!
by Repete456 December 28, 2010