When someone says something to you that is quite true and you would like to agree in a corny/simple and "to the point" manner, you say "too true, too true." ("too true" is often repeated to create a more dramatic effect.") In addition, when one does repeat "too true" the second time one says it it is often slower and in a deeper voice.
-friend 1: "That guy/girl over there is EXTREMELY hot!"

friend 2: "Too true, too true."

-student 1: "I hate this class! We get so much homework!!!"

student 2: "Too true, too true."
by I tell the trooth June 12, 2009
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when something is just so harsh, realistic, unpleasant and true, it can never be good!
Heath: you wouldn't believe what happened to me, i had a paper cut during the exam, handed it in, got my previous exam's mark, an F, then on my way out bumped into my history teacher who reminded me to hand in the 4000 words essay!
John: Dude, your life is just too true to be good!!
by Real funny August 28, 2010
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When something is too true or too relatable that it shouldn't be real, analogy of too good to be true. TTTBT can be used too.
A: Others won't laugh at you if you laugh at yourself.
B: Too true to be true.
by SAl0nKA February 26, 2020
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