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A person who thinks very highly about his own particular taste in heavy metal, and pretty much cans the rest of it. Sometimes they go as far as denying some bands as metal when they clearly are. They always act like they're higher than other people, when they themselves act like children when it comes to music. As others have said, they often make over-exaggerated critiques of metal bands and would rather experience a form of physical torture or genital mutilation than to listen to some metal bands. They are never constructive, polite, merciful or mature when it comes to criticism.
Metal Elitist: Wow, you listen to Immortal? They're fucking gay and sound like a garbage disposal full of spoons. I'd rather shove a knife up my ass than to listen to this cheerleader piece of shit. I recommend you go listen to some Gaarfadinonskelyrgen they're 10x better.
by Cheeto Dust October 12, 2012
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A douchebag who insists that any band you mention that is not Black Metal, Death Metal, Folk Metal or Power Metal, sucks ass and is not metal at all. They'll often bombard said band with immature insults such as: "They make me want to eat my own cock and vomit."
Bands they prefer are almost always obscure and come from Scandinavia. They hate all bands that are popular. The only Thrash Metal band that is tolerated by Metal Elitist is Iron Maiden. The rest isn't even metal.
Random guy: Hmm, favorite metal bands? Pantera, Fear Factory, Crobar...

Metal Elitist: Oh my god, your list sucks fucking bloody rectum. Shit isn't even metal. Weird Al Yankadick can make better metal than those bands. Besides, all that shit is pop-rock, you fucking twit! I'd rather have tumors in my scrotum and my gooch than to listen to Bell's crying again.
by Cheeto Dust January 6, 2017
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The kind of quote you see printed on cute frames, welcome mats, wall decals, and booty shorts.

Part of the "Innocent but actually dirty ho" starter pack, along with puppy Snapchat filter, choker, uggs, boob straps, and daddy issues. Rarity: common.
Ashley has a "Live Love Laugh" frame fitted on her bedroom wall. I'm sure many dudes got a kick out of that while railing her asshole.
by Cheeto Dust March 6, 2018
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A mythical arcade video game said to be made by the government for mind control and manipulation. Depending on the source, it was either a 2-D Space Shooter or puzzle game.
My girl went batshit after playing Polybius and opened her ass for all the arcade to see...
by Cheeto Dust March 30, 2016
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A term for someone who committed a very stupid act or for someone who is just always an idiot. Someone who is so stupid, you question if their brains are made of shit.
1. Only a true shithead would light himself on fire while naked looking for publicity on YouTube.
2. He gone and blew his lips off sucking them through that soda bottle... what a shithead!!
by Cheeto Dust October 27, 2015
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When your ass starts to burn and sweat, making it difficult to walk normally. Can be caused by reckless wiping, walking for long periods of time, or a combo of both. Usually occurs after one takes a shit. A common side effect is a smelly ass, that may or may not be noticeable to others. You can temporarily relieve a chaffing ass by going to the bathroom and wiping the sweat off your ass.
Shawn took a shit this morning and around the fifth hour of his shift at work, he developed a bad case of ass chafe.
by Cheeto Dust January 6, 2017
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A special type of social networking site that allowed users to create and modify avatars using many many clothing items, weapons and accessories. It has a market where you can buy or sell items using the site's currency - Gaia Gold. Items could cost up to anywhere between 1 gold to over 200,000,0000. Back in the old days, gold was harder to come by, but items didn't cost much anyway. Nowadays, almost fucking everything costs at least 200,000 gold. New items are released everyday, but many look the same and are meaningless, especially when their starting price is 100,000,000 gold in the market. Nothing here is worth spending real currency on. Avatars are less appreciated because now any loser can just buy it with real money.

The site has interactive worlds known as Towns or Rally where many users get together with their avatars and hang out. Other worlds are usually sponsor based worlds, like MTV Hollywood Crap world.

They used to have this really cool feature called Gaia Cinemas where we can watch funny old ass educational videos with other avatars, but they tossed all that completely.

This website has become increasingly boring. Nobody goes on here anymore except Asians and 12 year old white girls. Items are way to damn expensive to work toward them anymore. This site has pretty much lost all it's former glory and become a giant cesspool of watery diarrhea.
Gaia Online sold out and now everything went to shit.
by Cheeto Dust October 11, 2012
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