An amazing metal band. Fronted by female vocalist Angela Gossow. They are Swedish and don't get nearly as much credit as they deserve.
by Innanova February 7, 2004
The greatest band making the greatest music in the history of time! They also have a dead-sexy lead singer named Angela Gossow!
by DEATH METAL July 20, 2006
Somebody you hate, and want to destroy
batmans arch enemy is joker
by Blah July 26, 2004
Swedish death metal band, with the exception of German vocalist Angela Gossow. The band has released six albums, with the latest and best-selling being Doomsday Machine. Their best original song is Ravenous, but their remake of the Judas Priest song Starbreaker (on their Rare and Unreleased disc) is probably the best song I've ever heard. Despite being such a great band, they have yet to break out onto the forefront of popularity in metal, reaching a peak position of only #87 on the Billboard charts for sales of Doomsday Machine.
Arch Enemy is my favorite band. I wish they hadn't gotten rid of Johan Liiva and I wish Christoffer Amott hadn't left.
by Treima May 8, 2006
Prestigious Death Rock Band from Long ago. Latest Album was last year, "Wages of Sin"
What is Arch Enemy? Tell me later, I am too busy doing what MTV tells me to.
by Tommy August 23, 2003
THE GREATEST death metal band of ALL TIME. This band started in 1996 with Johan Liiva. Now they have become even better with frontWOMAN Angela Gossow of germany.

their greatest album: Wages of Sin
their greatest song :
their greatest album: Wages of Sin
their greatest song : Pilgrim
by 666_SATAN_666 April 12, 2004