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A website/TV show run by people who wish they were as famous and desired as the pinky fingers of the people they so ardently bash.
Portly female TMZ employee eating a 1/2 lb piece of birthday cake: Did you see that picture of Britney Spears outside the Starbucks on Rodeo? SHE'S SO FAT!!

Middle-aged male TMZ employee with hair plugs: God, Dustin Hoffman looks so old!

Morbidly obese 20-something male TMZ employee with acne: lawlz, in this picture, Paris Hilton has a dimple of cellulite on the back of her left thigh! What a fatass!
by slinkychang July 19, 2008
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A favored term of filmmakers who create films based on or around a historical event/person/era that holds little historical accuracy, usually for the sake of making the film seem more interesting than the reality it's based on, and by extension, possibly drawing in larger crowds and making more money at the box office.
Such extensive artistic liberties were taken with Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" that it was booed at Cannes.

When George Hickenlooper was questioned as to why his '06 film, "Factory Girl", had been panned so severely by Warhol scholars, he spoke of his artistic liberties taken with the film.
by slinkychang September 13, 2008
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