The internet shortening "TMW" stands for That Moment When, and has multiple definitions. For example, Too Much Work, Tomorrow, etc.
tmw you realize you left the sink running
tmw you forgot your keys to your house at work
by Jaunt Ron October 03, 2015
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"Tomorrow" - meaning the next day
Vera-Have you sent photo

Ghastly-I will do it tmw
by Ghastly April 23, 2005
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Eddie: wowie the tmw
nathan: no thats just bacon stop it
by gazorp June 11, 2018
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Shorthand for "Too Much Work". Used to describe situations or happenings that are just too much work to bother doing or participating. Also goes by TMW, or tee em dubs.
Nick: "Hey bro, did you do the chemistry homework?"
Dakotah: "Nah man, it seemed like too much work when I looked at it on the way to school today. I'll just take the zero."
Nick: "Dude it isn't even Tee Em Dubs, just do it now before she walks around to check it!"
Dakotah: "T-M-W."
by dakotahchore July 16, 2010
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An acronym for the quickly spreading phrase: Touch My Wiener
John: Hey Susie, tmw?

Susie: What about tomaro?

alternative response,

Susie: Sure, where's good for you?
by debomb4000 March 14, 2010
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