When a female is so adept at setting off the neanderthal, primal sexual urges in a man that it is intimidating to him.

Anything can spur these urges; usually the term is reserved for a woman with a curvaceous figure but it can also refer to her self-confidence, superficial identity ('swag') or - in the author's case - that glint in the eye that knows you're in for a rollercoaster ride. Insofar as you'll experience a short-lived adrenaline rush followed by nausea and inner ear failure.
'... So did you?'
'Yeah she came back to mine after'
'How was it?'
'I still can't feel my legs mate'
'Class, you going to see her again?'
'Don't think I can, she's TOO MUCH WOMAN for me'
by etymolowrist July 19, 2012
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