TIR is an internet acronym for Today I Remembered or Today I Realized, for when you remember something from the past or have a sudden awareness of something. TIR is similar to TIL (Today I Learned) but often indicates past knowledge or exposure to the information.
TIR an awesome cartoon from my childhood.

TIR how to write the letter "G" in cursive... and that we never used cursive in high school.
by zants December 20, 2011
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Basically a tear but much more specific and disappointing.
Man them tirs soaked my shirt I feel like I'm wearing sadness.
by Feelmytirshearmydeetdeet April 02, 2015
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"Fuck that bitch, this is Russia!"
An iconic line for when one accidently joins the Russian Mafia
"Wait, so I'm not in trouble?" -Bert
"FTB TIR." -Russian Police
by plant enthusiast August 29, 2017
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The hero suikoden 1. He is the leader of the game, and you play as him in the game.

His father, Teo McDohl, is the most thrustworthy ally to the emperor.

Tir has his main group of friends, which are Gremo, Cleo, Pahn, and Ted.


Gremo is very protective over Tir. He is so protective over Tir, he was willing to give his life up when man eating bugs are unleashed in a room by the Flower Emperor Milich.

Ted is also another friend who cares about Tir. When they are unable to defeat an enemy, he risks his cover of holding a true rune to save Tir by using it infront of people.
Tir McDohl is a rare leader of an rpg because he can be recruited in suikoden 2 also.
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004
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A geordie phrase, most often associated with the Newcastle Royal Grammar School, which means "cigarrete", or "to smoke", sometimes used in a derogatory manner to describe someone or something, or just as a proclamation.
"Aye I fancy gan' out for a cheeky tirs"
"Oh tirs" (a statement of disdain and displeasure"
by thef(x)thatmockscalculus November 10, 2015
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