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A series of awesome RPG games and books. The games are some of the best in the world. They have a great storyline and awesome gameplay.
Suikoden II owns!!!!!!!!!!!!
by deathmf June 19, 2005
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The name Suikoden is a Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word Sui Hou Chuan (literally means Water Margin). "Water Margin" is one of the four great Chinese historical novels, the others three are "Dreams of the Red Chamber", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", and "Journey to The West". The 108 stars concept is originally in the "Water Margin". The story is about 108 people who were forced by the Song dynasty government to become bandits. They joined up in the Liang Mountain and opposes the government. Their leader is Song Jiang.

Konami took the concept of the 108 stars and replaced the orginal characters with their own. The name of the stars remain the same, except with Japanese pronunciation.
Suikoden's name and the 108-star concept is taken from the Chinese novel Sui Hou Chuan (Water Margin).
by Song Jiang May 14, 2004
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Easily the best rpg series ever, contains amazing storylines, endearing characters, and the concept of "runes" was brilliant.
The best characters are, In my oppinion, Viktor, Flik, Pesmerga, Humphrey, Yuber, Luc, Georg, Shu, McDohl, Jowy, and Luca Blight. Honorable mention goes to Leknaat, Jeane, and Viki for being in every game.
Awesome Person 1: Did you play suikoden yesterday?
Awesome Person 2: Hell yeah I did!
by Yeeeeah Boyyyyyeeeeee March 20, 2007
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An RPG based on medieval war, including various mysteries, such as mystical "Runes", and "True Runes", and a race that has dissapeard for a long time, the "Sindars". It is also a game in which the TRANSLATION-TO-ENGLISH TEAM had LITTLE BUDGET.
"I was so enraged at her death that I completly forget what I come here for." -Flik, Suikoden 1
by Delf June 22, 2003
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The video game equivalent of ASOIAF. Each game has 108 recruitable characters, an engrossing plot that typically involves something more than the usual saving of the world.

Unlike Final Fantasy each game takes place in a different area of the same world, though each game ties in with the other with recurring themes and characters.
Suikoden is the greatest RPG series you've probably never heard about.
by Wererat42 August 13, 2008
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To seasoned and/or fanatical gamers what Final Fantasy is to mainstream gamers. To summarize; the hardcore gamer's Final Fantasy.
by Kyo Kusanagi July 07, 2003
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