What the SHITEATER is waiting for BUT it is a PARADOX. What the SHITEATER is waiting for BUTT it is a PARADOX.
by FECESRIMJOB March 23, 2021
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The act of drinking very quickly and consuming a large amount of liquid. Can be beers or liquor or both simultaneously. Compared to a toilet flushing water.
Damn, look at Dan, that kid is flushing beers.
by Flush Master September 15, 2012
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One of the most powerful signs of emotion, confusion, and power in our universe.

It is used to commune between powerful beings on all platforms of the infinitely large internet.
Dude: what if we put are beds next to each other in Minecraft..? 😳
Me: 😳😳

by BionicNoob November 22, 2019
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a state of being shyly aroused. typically by quiet and reserved people.
hey you’ve seen the new kid right, he is so hot”
“yeah he talked to me in science today, i was flushed”
by theflushedgal October 19, 2019
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Large neighborhood in north queens. The neighborhood is split into different sections. Auburndale and east flushing which consists of a suburban white/european upscale area, murray hill which consists of semi suburban korean and white residents and downtown/west flushing which is an urban low to middle income area with a large asian (Chinese, Korean, Philipino) residents as well as long time residents of Latin American, African American and Indian Paskistani and Afghan residents. There are also some remnants of the long term white (Italian, Jewish/Russian, and Irish) residents. There is also a current movement of Young Urban Professionals and College white students (queens college) moving to the area due to low rent and further gentrifying the area. Asians came into the area in large numbers during the 1990s. Asians make up about 50 percent of the population and are increasing in population due to a monopoly of businesses and rent control kicking out long time hispanic, indian, and black residents and further lowering this population. The crime since the large influx of asian american has dropped dramatically in the downtown flushing neighborhood. The overdevelopment of downtown flushing has been an issue since the 1990s when asian businessmen began partnering up with city developers to build luxury condos and monopolize businesses in the main thorofare of the neighborhood (main st). One by one they began to kick the large numbers of long term residents (Latinos, Europeans, Blacks, and Arabs/Indians), as well as take over all the businesses, closing most of the long time busniesses in the area replacing them with asian businesses. Now with the new willets point development plan proposed by Mayor Bloomberg the gentrification and "racial cleansing" of latinos blacks and indians of flushing will be complete possibly even getting rid of the public housing projects (Bland houses) to completely gentrify the area. The neighborhood has changed dramatically and so are many others in nyc
The future of downtown flushing is yuppie, white college students, and upscale asian residents, not how it used to be with a diverse COMMUNITY with DIVERSE BUSINESSES (doesnt exist anymore).
by VANISHING NYC February 18, 2009
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One of the largest most diverse areas in Queens, with a large Korean population located in "Downtown Flushing" a large Heseitc population in Kew Garden Hills, Flushing Meadow Park, one of the biggest parks in Queens and home of those Mets.
It dont get much better than Flushing
by The Cannonball Kid March 8, 2006
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Someone who has loadsa money.
He/she is flush
by soulmate June 30, 2004
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