Something or someone who is inferior, bad, cheap, low-class, or even Red-neck.
Michelle wears a baja jacket when she goes to the market and flies a NASCAR flag on her car. She is low rent.
by J. Carter June 9, 2006
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Used to describe an action or area which is of poor socioeconomic value. Trailer trash, ghetto and houses with car parts, shopping carts are areas of LR.

Actions might be but not limited to using plastic grocery bags as handbags and claiming Twinkies as an ingredient in a desert will definitely constitute as an LR action.
Joseph: "Whats with the grocery bag Lynn"?
Lynn: "I use it as a hand bag so I don't get mugged in my neighborhood. I got some Twinkies to make my strawberry shortcake desert"
Joseph: " That's low rent"
by LaurelE May 11, 2009
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"That was pretty low rent of John to eat all of your pizza without asking"
by Topher Mathes July 11, 2003
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The shortened version of "low rental"
We were just minding our business, skating at Porter's the other day, then all of a sudden a swarm of filthy low rents came charging Seminary Ave.!!
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
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a female who leads a male on, in effort to obtain gifts, vacations, money, whatever she can obtain,usually by using sex. When asked to pay her fair share, she immediately finds another man to abuse.
Male;Sweetheart, I would be happy to buy you a car, would you like to go out to dinner this evening? By the way Darling will you marry me?

Female; Sorry fool, I'll find someone else to leach off of, goodbye.
Male; I thought you loved me, obviously, you are just a low rent slut.
by Dman57 April 5, 2008
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One who resides in a subsidized or low rent rental or welfare unit.
Look at that guy over there..he's a low rent Louie for sure!
by Larryfun August 8, 2005
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A person, usually American, whose Conservative mindset, will rally against their own best interest unwittingly leading to a lower quality of life. Also, a Conservative Republican that doesn't make enough money to truly reap the benefits of massive tax-cuts associated with the upper tier of income earners.
Braxtyn is a Low Rent Republican because he's on welfare and voted for a candidate who cut social benefits. Also, Kryztn is such a stupid Low Rent Republican she voted Republican and her taxes went up!
by bentslightly October 30, 2019
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