The common misspelling of Filipino, the ethnic group of people from the islands of the Philippines.
White guy: Dude are those guys Philipino? (Pronounces with a P)
Filipino guy: It's Filipino, with an F.
by Viberider February 17, 2014
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1) to be from the Phillipines.

2) a word in the song Bebot.
"Hi. I love your accent."
"Dude-I am Philipino."
by miss sarah palin July 4, 2009
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When a man has sex with a woman doggy-style, and the girl is wearing snorkel gear, and her head is in a toliet, and the man makes a circular motion with his hips while flushing the toliet with the girl's head inside.
"I gave Sheryl a philipino donut last night, and she really appreciated the snorkel mask."
by MichaelmHuynh February 20, 2007
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the act of the woman shitting in the man's mouth during sex.
i broke up with my girlfriend because she wanted to give me a philipino twinkie.
by bearded-bo & bloo April 25, 2010
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A sexual act in which you handcuff your partner, (preferably female) to the headboard and dive into her vagina, in hopes to get your whole head inside
Guy 1: why is your girlfriend walking so funny?
Guy 2: i Philipino Nosedived her last night.
by guppy pboi January 22, 2013
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When u go down the street and occasionally see the bad ass chicks - that is mean u have met philipos girls. Beware of them!!! They watch ur ass while eating cookies, they will slap ur ass every second, they have fucking accent ... and ... and they wear gerders, which in their language means big breasted bras....
Look!Look! Philipino girls r watching ur ass!!!
by The pervert September 29, 2011
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Five guys sit at a table with no pants on and the table has a long table cloth there is a philipino girl under neath the table she procedes to give ever one blow jobs you are elemenated once you make a face last one left wins.
That was an intence game of philipino roulette
by Robo-Serb August 18, 2004
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