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Kew - The home of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew Gardens, Surrey
King George III and Sir Joseph Banks (an eminent natural historian)
played a major role in the development of Kew Gardens in the late 1700s
by CriostoirHulme August 08, 2005
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1) Kew is slang for cool, kewl, and that such. It is the new way to say cool.

2) The word is also seen in movies, and T.V. programs. For example, one is South Park.
1) damn! im so kew.

2) Dude, i totally saw this movie, it's so kewww.

3) Totally you guys! Im just so kew!

4) O M G!! Did you see that totally kew car just a minute ago?
by Unreal Illusions March 03, 2007
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A Leafy Suburb in Melbourne, Australia named after it's British counterpart.
Known for it's Federation Style houses and possessing (over 6) the highest number of Private schools in a single area in the world.
Student #1 " I'm going out with a girl from Kew"

Student #2 "Which school does she go to? MLC, Carey, Genezzarno or Ruyton?

Student #3 " Er.. Kew High(public).
by Todd Fink August 08, 2008
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