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Neighborhood in mid-town NYC, on the east-side in the 30s near the Emprie State Bldg. Named for a hill that used to stand on the Murray's farm, way back when the northern boundary of NYC was Wall Street. The hill has long-since been bulldozed and cemented over.
"Dahling, walking with you is soooo grand in Murray Hill."
by myron greenpoint August 26, 2006
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A neighborhood in Annapolis Maryland most people dont know its called murray hill and refer to it as downtown annapolis
turning into a very rich neighborhood but part of the city, you pay taxes to annapolis. Has waterfront homes and waterfront parks.
A"Ahhh you know that cool kid, Alex! Shee lives in murray hill !"

B"Awesome! lets visit her and have a bangin' party"

A"Did you know that house next to hers sold for like a million dollars??!!"

B"now wayyy!?!"
by sexy_girl92 November 04, 2006
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