THE Dorm is a place for grown-ups. It is usually an apartment building in a lively part of town, where mostly single, or single divorcees live and really live it up. THE Dorm is an opportunity to re-live your fun party years, but you're not broke and can afford all the luxuries!
Hey, everyone's meeting at THE Dorm tonight! Karen's got it pimped out with everything one could ever want: video games, keg, beer pong, musical instruments. People just come and go at all times of the day and night, everyone loves hanging out at THE Dorm.
by Funny Moms October 22, 2016
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a demeanor which constitutes a brainless lack of attention paying- dream/sleep like. being 'dorme' , stupid, blind to obvious shit, or- in some cases- simply a dumb ass.

Root word being Italian for SLEEP
you dorme!

fucking wake up dorme!
by Semaforo December 14, 2009
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a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a space about the size of most walk-in closets. roommate included free of charge.
As I like to say, "home sweet hole."
by Lauren September 1, 2004
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your own semi-personal hell hole you live in your freshman year of college with your complete opposite
by Kollege Cid March 7, 2005
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Another word for hell hole. Basically, a prison that most colleges will force you to live in (usually up to 2 years) with a roommate. You mostly certainly will have to endure a crap ton of bullshit from that roommate during between that duration. The roommate may at first seem like a nice guy, but eventually, he'll end up becoming another arrogant prick and/or annoying pain in the ass that you'll can't even stand. Some college will allow you to live alone, but at an even more expensive price. Dorm life usually consist of booze drinking, drugs, sex, rape, occasional fighting, loud noises or commotions, vandalism (for some), pranks, and dealing with some weirdo dorks. If you're a guy or girl who wants to keep everything to him/herself, that's nearly impossible. The lack of privacy is horrendous and notorious, no matter where you are. There's barely any space for you to store or use your stuff, which explains why the average dorm rooms are a cluttered mess.

For those of you that just want to watch online TV, browse the web, do any online homework, MMOs, video games, or social media, the dorm room is a hell experience. Internet bandwidth is constantly terrible, since most dorm people will be using the internet to watch and download a shit ton of porn. Worst part is, you are forced to use the college wifi network, no VPN or proxies allowed. So the moment you connect, be prepared for hair-pulling annoying lag.
dorms are prison.
by xacolmah February 16, 2015
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When you want to share a room with someone and move in together to do private stuff.
"Wanna dorms?"
"We can take this situation to the dorms."
by Marc1927 September 18, 2017
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