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Tylenol #4.
60 mg codeine + 300 mg acetaminophen. Schedule III.
Much harder to get a scrip for than T3 (30 mg codeine etc etc). Nice work if you can get it. According to the DEA, straight codeine is available, but it is Schedule II.
Wow, I talked my doctor into a scrip for 60 T4s!
by Straight Shooter October 12, 2007
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It is a manuver where u strap a block of C4 onto your testicles and teabag someone, it would be better in the mouth.
I T4'd this one so badly his jaw was missing.
by Kasha February 20, 2005
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T4 is more than just a group, it's a way of life and a way to talk. Didn't know that? Learn that here! Everyone needs more vocabulary. It helps on tests, sounding smart, and impressing T4.

T4 as a verb

T4 can be used as a verb when you are describing an action involving dance or other artistic movements. T4 can also be used in verb form when referring to doing something that brings immense pleasure

T4 as an adjective

The best use for T4 is as an adjective, especially when describing a girl. Saying a girl is T4 means she is of high quality in all aspects and a definite catch, like many of our members of the week. Basically a girl who looks T4 means she has got every single member of the group in agreement that she is one of the finest and not one of the T's dissents on that fact.
VERB - Dude, did you see that guy T4 it up on the club floor last night?

Yo, I totally T4ed her last night.

Man, I can't wait to T4 at the bar tonite. Today sucked.

We looked into each other's eyes and couldn't resist not T4ing on the lips real quick.

ADJECTIVE - Sorry, but I have T4 practice tonite in the rehearsal room.
by Upenn's T4 May 07, 2004
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