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Duji (heroin). Specifically H and not just any opiate or narcotic.
"I'm gonna go cop some duj now."
by Straight Shooter September 17, 2004
Pharmaceutical methamphetamine hydrochloride in pill form.
Biggest bang for the buck is to soak it in H20, thus extracting the active element. You get a pale yellowish solution. Tie up, IV, and hang on when the rush hits.

Disclaimer: I don't recommend doing this.
"I just scored some Desoxyn. You got gimmicks? We can get fucked up all night now!"
by Straight Shooter October 3, 2007
God's own medicine and no doubt about it. The previous definer who said it "sits alone atop the drug tree" was right on. If it were legalized in the US, property crimes would plummet.
Heroin is derived from opium and described as follows:

by Straight Shooter September 27, 2007
Tylenol #4.
60 mg codeine + 300 mg acetaminophen. Schedule III.
Much harder to get a scrip for than T3 (30 mg codeine etc etc). Nice work if you can get it. According to the DEA, straight codeine is available, but it is Schedule II.
Wow, I talked my doctor into a scrip for 60 T4s!
by Straight Shooter October 12, 2007
Constant close quarters lead to intense attraction.
This was first explained by Zelda Gilroy to Dobie Gillis in the 1959-1963 TV series, The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis, except Zelda called it "Propinquity."
I am experiencing proximity infatuation right now.
Me, thinking about F colleague: She is beautiful. I want to...I want to....(you know what)

F colleague: Says nothing, how is she supposed to know what I am thinking? Is SHE thinking the same thing?
First, of all, I'm not that sure she IS beautiful, but it doesn't matter any more, I am infatuated. My wife would not approve of any of this and does not need to know. It's not going anywhere, anyway. Sigh.
by Straight Shooter April 30, 2008
Combination win-place-show bet at a race track. Your horse has to come in no worse than third for you to get $$ back.
"Gimme the five across the board."
by Straight Shooter October 5, 2007
"To inject something. Usually used in the context of drugs.
My friend booted a bunch of heroin last night."

I guess this might be a possibility. But if memory serves me well (it does so now and then), "booting" is what one does AFTER the first injection of drugs (H).
Thus, one injects and then draws some more blood into the syring/dropper and injects that. Repeatable.
"Oh MAN, went RIGHT in, now BOOT that fucker!"
by Straight Shooter March 31, 2005