A villain in the popular TV series, "Heroes." He was told by the professor researching human evolution that he had gained no abilities through his genetic mutation. This professor then talked at length about the "evolutionary imperative" to survive. This drove Sylar mad with the need to prove his worth and specialness.

Sylar's genetic mutation actually endowed him with intuitive aptitude, the ability to recognize and manipulate patterns within complex systems. He uses this to recognize the powers of other evolved humans and replicate them, but only after cutting out their brains to perform some unknown process.
Sylar seized the evolutionary imperative. Shouldn't you?
by Samson III February 22, 2007
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Sylar is the main villian of season 1 in Heroes on the network NBC.

Sylar is a serial killer who sometimes removes the brains of his victims, primarily those he believes to be evolved humans. Chandra Suresh identified him as Patient Zero in his research. Before adopting the name Sylar, he was known as Gabriel Gray.

"I know you don't understand me. But I want to tell you why I'm helping you. It's that delicious power. You see, when I get my ability back, I'm gonna kill you...and your sister. And I'm gonna take it all. And if I don't get my ability back, it's not a total loss. Maya's learning quickly. She's a shiny new toy, and she's all mine."

- Sylar (to Alejandro)

"That sound in your heart, what is it?"


- Dale, Sylar

"Give me that damn list! So I can... sink my teeth in..."

- Sylar

"I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering you yours. You are your father's son. So determined, you didn't even notice I stopped the IV. But don't worry, you might actually do some good before you die. Starting with that list."

-Sylar (to Mohinder Suresh)
by ZanaZ September 16, 2008
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Sylar is a charactor in the T.V. show hereos. There's already a good description of him on UD, so I'm just adding an alternate description.

Sylar, used as a verb.

When you want to look inside of someone's head and see what the hell they were thinking. Especially stupid people who won't or can't "get it," and you just wanna see why they can't. You wanna fix 'em.
My brother's drinking again.

Again?!?! He knows how it destroys his life, what the hell is he thinking.

I dunno. I wanna Sylar around in his head for a few minutes and see if I can't fix him.
by Chaz Walker January 29, 2009
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A Sylar is similar to an Abe Lincoln. When someone has passed out, shave their pubes and stick them to their eyebrows, forming something very similar to a monobrow, thus making them look iconic bad-ass Sylar from the TV show Heroes.
LOL, Tim's just passed out, undo is fly, give him a Sylar.
by TehDJS May 20, 2009
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The kid from school that you see in 4th period sleeping in class. But has to sit close to the screen because he can’t see far but he doesn’t wear glasses often because he doesn’t like them.
Sylar is so tired he’s just sleeping on the desk.
by silon etiol November 23, 2021
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An adjective used to describe one with extraordinary abilities, in which they become vulnerable to having their brains removed by the infamous Sylar, thus adding onto the list of his numerous stolen abilities.
Oh snap! You can fly?! You're sure to become Sylar-chow!
by Andgedem May 3, 2007
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