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When sending a text message and the recipient of the message was not the intended recipient. Alternatively, when you try to reply to one person, and another message comes in just as you're about to reply, and you end up replying to the wrong person. This issue can have detrimental effects.
Girl to married guy: "Hey, what are you up to?"
(Guy is getting ready to reply, when he's distracted for two seconds, during which time, the following message hits his phone."
Wife to her husband: "I made it to Dallas."
(Now husband, thinking he's replying to his girlfriend says)
Husband to his wife (slip of the thumbs): "Nothing, my wife is out of town if you want to sleep over tonight."
Wife to husband: "WTF!?!?!"
by Chaz Walker September 18, 2007

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Sylar is a charactor in the T.V. show hereos. There's already a good description of him on UD, so I'm just adding an alternate description.

Sylar, used as a verb.

When you want to look inside of someone's head and see what the hell they were thinking. Especially stupid people who won't or can't "get it," and you just wanna see why they can't. You wanna fix 'em.
My brother's drinking again.

Again?!?! He knows how it destroys his life, what the hell is he thinking.

I dunno. I wanna Sylar around in his head for a few minutes and see if I can't fix him.
by Chaz Walker January 29, 2009

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The (usually false) air of superiority someone develops when they have a lot of Apple products. It's a play on the letter "i" used by Apple for most of its products, and the word "ego."
John: I have the iMac, the iPod, the iSink, the iPlant, and the Mac Book Wheel! I'm so awesome.

Jane: You need to get your iGo in check, John!

John: OH! I'm also buying an iPhone too!
by Chaz Walker February 11, 2009

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When using T9 in a text message, and the wrong word is accidentally sent to someone. It's usually not an issue, unless the wrong word still has applicable meaning in the context of the conversation.

Not to be confused with Slip of the thumbs.
Used in the context of a text message conversation:

Adam: "Hey, where are you?"
Eve: "I'm gone."
Adam: "Gone where?"
Eve: "Sorry, my phone got Thumb-Tied. I'm *home*. ^^"
by Chaz Walker September 18, 2007

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An antique memory-card (read:canister) used by people before the invention of flash memory. The canisters held very few images (twenty-four, or, sometimes, thirty-six), and the only card readers were very expensive, so people usually had to have the cards read at Photo-Labs. The process of reading the cards was called "developing", and only late in the game would be provided in a digital form; usually you had to scan the photos in from the paper copies.
John: Where does the memory card go in this camera Mom?

Jane: That's a 35mm film camera...

John: What's 35mm film? I've never even heard of that memory card.

Jane: ...
by Chaz Walker May 05, 2009

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When someone, who earlier received a forwarded email about some "very important"--however, false--claim/cause, spreads misinformation received via email.
Leilani gets the following email:

Federal BIll 602p
Guess the warnings were true. Federal Bill 602P 5-cents per E-mail sent. It figures! No more free E-mail! We knew this was coming!!
---rest of email cut out, cuz it's boring.---
*** END OF EMAIL ***

(At this point, Lani decides to tell her friends, completely unaware of the fact that she's been misinforwarded.)
Lani: "Hey guys! The postal service is going to start charging people five cents for emails."

Lani's friends: MISINFORWARDED!!!!
by Chaz Walker January 09, 2009

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Something that is expected and also a harsh truth that you're forced to accept.
(This is an example using a two person conversation.)

"The new president is a douche bag."

"That's expectable...."

"Why!? Is it because he's a democrat?!"

"No. . . It's because he ran for president; they've all been douche bags since Thomas Jefferson."


"That's not a word. . ."


"Fair enough."
by Chaz Walker August 24, 2008

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