A beautiful and unique person (usually female). They are usually adorable and strange in the best of ways. Chandra will always brighten up your day and make you the happiest person ever. She will be the funniest and best person you will ever know.
Person 1: Wow, she's so adorable and funny! Who is she??
Person 2: Oh that's Chandra!!! No one is more perfect than her!!
by exexe May 29, 2018
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Chandra is a true friend She is someone that whenever you need someone to talk to she will be there for you She don’t like being in drama Chandra is also beautiful in her own ways.
If you ever meet a Chandra keep forever!
by @iiiamchandra December 17, 2019
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A really pretty girl who is strong and independent. She's that one girl everyone wishes they could be. Chandra is the one girl who can light up a room, and don't you forget it.
Dayumm, That Chandra girl is so pretty
by Becksloulou June 24, 2011
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Charged or energized with electricity: a hot wire. Arousing intense interest, excitement, or controversy: a hot topic.
Sexually excited or exciting.
Damn, that chick is fucking Chandra.

She's more than smokin'. She's Chandra.
by Mike AZ baby December 12, 2006
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Chandra is a Beautiful, Outgoing, Caring person! She loves everyone but will call you out on your bullshit!
Chandra is a Great Friend!
by MsFudge April 3, 2022
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This really fly chick from Davenport, pretty sexy if you ask me. She's cooler than ice, and hotter than fi-ah! Whoop whoop. That's what'sup, son!
Ashton: Remember your ex?
Brandon: Yeah, Chandra. She's hot.
by GrandmasterA. January 30, 2010
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