A long, exhausting, and rather pointless lecture, often given in the monotonous style of Mohinder Suresh from ABC's Heroes.
Giving Mohinders were almost a hobby to Professor X
by Jordan Lowndes January 8, 2008
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An allusion to Heroes' character Dr. Mohinder Suresh in episode "Cautionary Tales". A gullible, spineless man, Mohinder betrays his partner and gives him a bullet in the eye.

To go mohinder on someone is to betray them after claiming to be their friend, usually under the influence of an external factor that takes advantage of spinelessness.
Those poor Native Americans never stood a chance; the British colonists pulled a mohinder on them before they knew what happened.

She's going to go mohinder on her husband if he wins the lottery.
by Sexyogolupagus November 20, 2007
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A phrase used when some says or does something stupid or ridiculous.

Guy 1: I Think I Shat Myself?
Guy 2: Mohinder Please!
by Shaegan Vishal March 19, 2008
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Are very intelligent and they have IQ intelligency quantum is very high

And sometimes are very angry but very highly Sophisticated,well behaved and loving kind person.

Are very Practical in life and open minded thinking.
Fun loving,loves being with like minded people.

And girls are addicted because mahendra have a many thoughts and idea to approach her

Mahendra are cool and live like legend and very angry when someone break the rule
Mohinder is an fun loving and easy going person
by Bs80 November 23, 2021
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Enlighten me, remove darkness, confusion or bail me out!
Hush: I am stuck and unable to make up my mind about the color. Someone mohinder please!

Salesgirl: Pick the red one, I will mohinder you!

Hush: Ta.
by luvrogers May 7, 2013
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When there is too much confusion, contradiction and contention, then to remove darkness and bring clarity, one can invoke some help.... Mohinder please!!
Hush:OMG! All scarves look cool. Which one should I pick? Mohinder please!

Salesgirl: Roger, Mohinder please!
by Luvrogers May 6, 2013
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