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Female's name. She is loving, nurturing, kind, happy, intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, generous, polite, extremely hot, respectful to all, and is a friend to everyone. She is wise, and lives her life with so much positivity and awareness. Is the most beautiful person inside and out. Has a heart of Gold, and is a true angel.
You're so lucky you're married to Syasya!
`you are so lucky if you have Syasya by your side`
by Fiqs January 01, 2017
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A rachet ass lady, with a bomb personality. Loves anything green, froggy-s. She can light up your day if someones down. She can get angsty af tho. But that don’t make her a bad friend. She makes an awesome bestfriend.
Damn, did you see Syasya, she bomb-ass
by Candz January 02, 2018
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someone who gets pissed drunk at parties, but remains a cute drunk, eats a lot of shrimp, and wipes on other people towels, and ends the night being amazingly lucky like winning an Iphone 6
" damn bro did u pull a syasya last night?"
by Jack of all Cipaps December 02, 2014
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