The act of falling head over heals in love with someone.
I’m swooning over him, he’s so perfect in my eyes.
by kyry May 8, 2019
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The act of making a "goose" or other wise known as a "swoon" with your hand and then proceeding to punch another male pear in the genitalia region
"Ian was swooning Joe today, he is still laying on the ground."
by Dean Ian April 8, 2009
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-To be so excited about a thing or person that you get all bubbly on the inside.

-When you see someone or something that gives you a feeling of pure joy.
Did you see Jason yesterday, his outfit totally made me swoon.
Tonya always makes me swoon when she smiles at me like that.
by Chubbies_R_Us February 2, 2015
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Brazilian-English version of the word soon. The term can be used as a term of endearment for a loved one or friend, while simultaneously meaning you want to inflict great bodily harm on someone immediately.
Wanderlei "Swoon!"

Chael "What?"

Wanderlei "Swoon (punches fist)."

Chael"Oh I wish I can't wait"

Wanderlei "Swoon...I don't want to be your friend and I want to hurt you."

Chael "But I don't know the date. Can you just tell me the date?"

Wanderlei "Wannanow?"

Chael "I can't let you get close"
by Carlos Newton February 25, 2022
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She was swooning as she looked through photos of superwholock crossovers, especially the ones with Jensen and the Doctor doing the duckface
by shhhh_just_go_with_it April 28, 2015
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To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy, a state of ecstasy or rapture. Used online as an action, to show that someone is attracted or interested in someone or something.
She is so hot... Swoon...
by MoonKnight December 1, 2002
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The act of being aroused to such an extent that it causes you to fall unconscious.
Girl 1: oh my god is that Gordon Ramsey

Girl 2: play it cool

Girl 1: I cant help myself, i think im gonna swoon *fall unconscious*
by ITSFUCKINGRAW November 8, 2019
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