Angry chef who will yell, curse, throw things, and scream if things don't go his way. But he's a kick-ass chef.
Gordon Ramsey: How long for the wellingtons?

Chef: 3 minutes!

GR: You donkey!
by TheKingoftheHill April 11, 2010
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A British chief that screams to much and does know where the fuck the lamb sauce is.
Gordon Ramsey : “THE FUCK IS THE LAMB SAUCE?!”
by that one emo kid in class March 23, 2019
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The king of roasts (a.k.a) jesus (in my opinion)
Jake from hells kitchen- I made a wellington steak
Gordon Ramsey- Your "wellington steak looks like a "wellington boot
by Reeeeeeeeeeeee_ginger July 23, 2019
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The man just about ready to kill or torture you for making the worst or even a small mistake on a recipe or food.
Cook me higher Gordon Ramsey
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A mean old chef. He curses a lot. His most famous quote is, "WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE!"
Gordon Ramsey is hot
by ededdd July 22, 2020
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An English, foul-mouthed cook who can't stand still.
MAN: Hey, are you Gordon Ramsey?
MAN: Go away!
by Dillypogo April 2, 2009
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The urge to have food during sex. While naked the Male stands up and starts throwing objects around the room yelling asking and demanding for food most often lamb chops. If the female does not get the lamb chops the male is to grab the female and throw at the wall.
Mate 1: “How was thy date with my sister you lucky fuck?"

Mate 2: "great man! I pulled a "Gordon

Ramsey" I got Hungry half way through sex and wanted lamb chops, she said she couldn’t make them so I threw that stupid queer at the wall!"
Mate 3: wow you pulled a Gordon Ramsey?
by Straightpipenation January 11, 2021
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