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-To be so excited about a thing or person that you get all bubbly on the inside.

-When you see someone or something that gives you a feeling of pure joy.
Did you see Jason yesterday, his outfit totally made me swoon.
Tonya always makes me swoon when she smiles at me like that.
by Chubbies_R_Us February 02, 2015
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To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy, a state of ecstasy or rapture. Used online as an action, to show that someone is attracted or interested in someone or something.
She is so hot... Swoon...
by MoonKnight December 01, 2002
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a feeling of being happy or giddy because of being in love. to be so in love you cant walk or think straight or feel like singing or laughing for no other reason then because of a girl/guy. usually caused by simple sweet actions.

if hes all you think about, you smile/blush/giggle everytime he talks to you - he has you swooned.

to swoon someone you are trying to make them have that feeling for you by just holding hands, sending goodmorning beautiful texts, kissing her forehead, saying corny things, letting her wear your hoodie, writing her a song, doing what she likes.

also could be used to discribe the feeling when seeing someone totally gorgous -they're so hot all they have to do it walk by and im swoon.

the look of being swoon - having a constant smile, entire face and body light up.

the key to swoon is that it is from sweet and simple actions, not an intense physical way.

very commun in young early stages of a relationship.
when her crush walked by she was so swoon she walked into the door.

he had the swooned look on his face when she walked by

swooned, she smiled at her phone alone in her room when she saw the name on the screen

look at you, your so swoon, whats her name !?
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A word mainly used on the internet or chatrooms. This is usually addressing males but may be for females too. It is used when the is a hot/sexy/cute boy that someone would "swoon" over. Or in other words, drool, fall in love with, tap, etc. This word is usually said with -'s on the front and back as so; -swoons-.
Girl 1: You wanna see my boyfriend?
Girl 2: Why not?
Girl 1-Sends Picture
Girl 2: He is smexy -swoons-
by superturtle13 December 28, 2009
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To Smoke the Drug Marijuana. Swooned is to be so high on Marijuana that you can’t even comprehend the English language. Swoon Back is an alternative to the Australian slang term β€œ Kush Back” which means to kick back, β€œLax” and kush up.
Can’t wait to Swoon thieves weekend.

After that 8th cone I’m so totally Swooned.

Hey Bruzzy wanna Swoon Back this weekend?
by VocabularyExpert June 26, 2019
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