-To be so excited about a thing or person that you get all bubbly on the inside.

-When you see someone or something that gives you a feeling of pure joy.
Did you see Jason yesterday, his outfit totally made me swoon.
Tonya always makes me swoon when she smiles at me like that.
by Chubbies_R_Us February 2, 2015
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Brazilian-English version of the word soon. The term can be used as a term of endearment for a loved one or friend, while simultaneously meaning you want to inflict great bodily harm on someone immediately.
Wanderlei "Swoon!"

Chael "What?"

Wanderlei "Swoon (punches fist)."

Chael"Oh I wish I can't wait"

Wanderlei "Swoon...I don't want to be your friend and I want to hurt you."

Chael "But I don't know the date. Can you just tell me the date?"

Wanderlei "Wannanow?"

Chael "I can't let you get close"
by Carlos Newton February 25, 2022
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To be so overwhelmed with emotion; excitement, joy, love, by charm; that you faint.
His perfect charm was to woo her, and it made her swoon.

He said the right words and kissed her hand, so she then swooned.

Her elegance as she passed made the lonely girl swoon.

The DJ played her favorite song and it made her swoon.

Her own reflection was so breathtaking, so she swooned.
by Suzie Bee October 7, 2018
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A group of swan
"Look at that swoon of swan, Shelby"
by Nyoom! February 11, 2017
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To Smoke the Drug Marijuana. Swooned is to be so high on Marijuana that you can’t even comprehend the English language. Swoon Back is an alternative to the Australian slang term “ Kush Back” which means to kick back, “Lax” and kush up.
Can’t wait to Swoon thieves weekend.

After that 8th cone I’m so totally Swooned.

Hey Bruzzy wanna Swoon Back this weekend?
by VocabularyExpert June 27, 2019
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to want to take your clothes off for someone
I played the flute for my woman and she swooned
by manular February 28, 2009
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"How exactly does one accurately program HTML and perform brain surgery while translating ancient scrolls from Greek to Latin to Arab to African to American Sign Language, masturbating, and eating cereal?"
"Jesus Christmas, George, you swoon! Let me do it."
by Gramma Knobgobbles November 29, 2011
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