To take a drag, sip, or taste of someone else's item (cigarette, blunt, cocktail, etc.).
"Yo son, lemme swing that brandy real quick"
by Richie Cunning May 21, 2006
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To go and buy, steal, or take.
"when you gonna get the shit?"
"imma swing tonight."
by ajitpai6969 December 15, 2019
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The state of being: the best at, master of, ultimate or supreme of, anything imaginable ever. this state induces the overwhelming power of authority on whatever it is being used for.
wow guy! you are the swing at making pizza!
Jeremy is a Swing.
by Hobbes! April 29, 2010
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(v.) to sell
That kids got bags, hes swinging em for 50 bucks an eight
by J$$$$ November 12, 2003
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to have sex with
yeah jodi said she'd swing with me, then she said she'd meet me at the park.......wtf?
by GFunk68 December 05, 2002
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