A lifestyle of non-monogany where sexual relations occur outside the established couple. Swingers tend to refrain from romantic attachments with their outside partners, thus differentiating themselves from PolyAmorists. There is some overlap between the two communities, though the closeness of the comparisons are generally not acknowledged.
Swingers often engage in the activity as a couple. "Swing Parties" are venues where the activity may occur.
by Ronald A. King March 28, 2005
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when somebody looses their shit over something or has a lot of anger and lets it out
if you tell her i will start swinging

imma start swinging
by maya223344 February 11, 2017
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A nice fat ass that swings left to right when a shawty walks.
by Shawtylow5 November 28, 2012
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When one has done to much cocaine and ones jaw is swinging mad
John “Ay bill that Charlie’s boss lad me jaws proper swinging
Bill “yeno tha brother”
by MilzyX 96 September 19, 2019
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This dude talks a lot of crap, but I bet he won't swing on me.
by hjui88 November 28, 2013
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A beautiful meaningfull song by the bestest band in the world that ever existed AAR!!!!
swing, swing, swing from the tangles of....... my heart is crushed by a former luff. can u help meh find a way to carry on again. Bury meh! u thought ur problems were gone! Carry meh! Away Away Away!
by Koboshi Ritter December 22, 2003
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