All American Rejects...awesome band that has been around
xXdiexmofox: Dude did you go and see that AAR show last weekend?

cRaZY4AAR:Yeah that show was soo scene
by Van Shepp May 01, 2005
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Stands for ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, one of the best bands.
Dude did you hear that AAR is coming out with a new album?
by Adam Sims June 08, 2005
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shorthand for "at any rate"; meanings include: in other words, nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, however, but, yet, still, etc...
aar, you're a jerk 4 thinking that if i ate that 3rd cheeseburger im a lard-ass, jeez; i didnt get 2 eat breakfast this mornin, son :0
by bro #171 March 23, 2010
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Dutch for arse, related to the legendary aarslijst site (google aarslijst and check cache).
Henk: I was sucking someone's aars yesterday, it was horrible!

Kees: wtf? why did you do that? I can understand it was horrible...

Henk: Well, he asked me to lick it clean and...

Kees: WTF!!?!1! GTFO OF MY HOUSE!!!@11one!
by ELX[Draco] February 23, 2005
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the norwegian word for "year"
jeg var så full på nyttårsaften
i was so drunk on new years eve.
by ichliebenorge May 28, 2005
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Short for Anime Academy Radio Network. Invented by the fans of AAR.
by AAR April 18, 2005
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