Swing, the act of 'Hooking up' with a member of the opposite sex.
Kissing, Blowing, or Fucking, but to not engage in a relationship. Swing
by HiMyNamesTyler September 4, 2010
A class in the java API used for creation of GUI programs.
import javax.swing.*;
by Chris<Vicster> April 29, 2004
To dance to any kind of upbeat music. Not used when talking about any slow dance, or street dancing. Normally pop music, retro tunes, or the Eurovision kind.
"She swings like a complete pro"
by JaiToujours June 13, 2009
The state of being: the best at, master of, ultimate or supreme of, anything imaginable ever. this state induces the overwhelming power of authority on whatever it is being used for.
wow guy! you are the swing at making pizza!
Jeremy is a Swing.
by Hobbes! April 29, 2010
(v.) to sell
That kids got bags, hes swinging em for 50 bucks an eight
by J$$$$ November 13, 2003