Someone who puts a 3000 quid sax into a 5000 quid car to drive 50 miles and earn 10 quid.
Marika: Hey, so you're the sax player!

Chris: That's me. 10 Euros a night if I'm lucky.
by Chris-Sax April 25, 2007
The back bone of most jazz bands and Marching Bands. Typically a very Bad-ass person is assigned to this position. Some prefer to use harnesses, but the most Bad-ass ones use neck-straps. Sometimes referred to as "Beasts"
by Badass Ian November 14, 2008
Bass Saxophones were the first saxophone ever created. They are typically seen in String Bands composed of Woodwinds and Strings, Saxophone Ensembles and in rare cases Wind Ensembles/Concert Bands. Bass sax players are the more brutal, masculine and stronger saxophone player, being the only ones to be able to lug the monstrosity around. The powder puffs use saxophone stands, the mediocre use harnesses, but the true Manly Men use Neck Straps. There is always a need for Bass Saxophone in any band or orchestra setting. Typically used to replace the Bass Clarinet Player. Bass Sax Players are always known for their massive penis and sexual prowess.
Director: I can never hear all 5 bass clarinets at measure 54.
Alto Sax Player: If we had 1 Bass Sax Player, we could replace all 5 Bass Clarinets!
Director: What a beastly instrument, and so Masculine.
Bass Sax Player: Sup Ladies
by A. Bassplayzer May 1, 2011
The obsolete name for the male facial hair feature formerly known as a Soul Patch or and now more properly called a Douche Tag.

It consists of a tuft of hair left unshaven just under the lower lip, upper lip and chin are clean shaven.
Sported with and without sideburns of varying ludicrous lengths.
"Dude! You ought to grow a sax player's moustache! Play up the beat poet thing." "No thanks, I tried it in high school when I believed I was going to grow up to be Charles Bukowski, turns out it does nothing to improve your brand with girls, it has no ability to increase your alcohol tolerance and it ups your chances of getting punched in the face by strangers like ten fold."
by Phineas T April 4, 2009