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Common slang for "what ya" or "what you".
In some cases it is used to shorten or condense the words "what did you".

"Whacha been up to lately?"
"Whacha doing tomorrow?"

"Whacha think about the movie?"
"Whacha do with all that beer last night?"
by CDLady April 05, 2008
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{1} Wha-Cha is the sound effect humans make to resemble a whip crack. It also means to be controling, like the master of someone.

{2} To be pwned

It also helps to do the hand motion of a whip...just in case the person you are speaking too is an idiot and has not been to before...
{1} The boss was so wha-cha yesterday. It drove me insane!

{2} You wha-cahed me!
by Troubled Aqua August 08, 2005
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