1. A form of the flu causing an unnecessary paranoia in the general global public, especially America. The only people who have died from this illness in the 2009 outbreak, for whatever reason, are Mexicans. One of them came into the US before they died, causing everyone to flip the fuck out completely unnecessarily because now people think that there are swine flu deaths all over the United States, when this is in fact false.
2. The latest bad reason to not leave the house. See "bad economy", definition 1.
Teen 1: I can't go out tonight, my mom's scared of the swine flu.
Teen 2: So, you're under quarentine because... the flu is going around?
Teen 1: Yeah.
Teen 2: The hell.

Remember, kittlings. The flu by any other name... is still the flu. In this case, nothing more, nothing less.
by Game Cat May 01, 2009
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Obama's attempt to rid Mexicans off the face of the planet.

Unfortunately, he forgot about the immigrants.
Obama: Yes! Swine Flu has proven effective I'm feeling awfully tired and my head hurts..*Coughs*..
by Gluttonous April 29, 2009
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When you got blasted the night before and porked that fatty.
dude #1: so how'd last night go

dude #2: alright...apparently i was schwasted and caught the swine flu.

dude #1: aww man, again?
by purple david October 25, 2009
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Seeming to have to stemmed from Mexico because it has more cases. And moar cases means MEZCANS! amirite? This will lead to the zombie apocalypse. This is probably Al Gore's biggest fear at the moment because 100 years ago, South Park revealed his distaste for Man-Bear-Pig. Anyways, you're screwed. Watch 28 Days and play Left 4 Dead to prep yaselves.
CDC:"new strain of swine flu includes a human strain, a bird strain, and 2 pig strains of flu all in one."

Al Gore: Man-Bird-Pig Flu is a threat to all society as we know it!
by Colonel Krackin April 28, 2009
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They said that the day a black man would become president is when pigs fly. 100 days into Obama's presidency swine flu
the day came when swine flu
by tall g May 02, 2009
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The Governments way of saying the common cold so they can send out vaccinations and steal more money from us.
They say it is a horrible thing it's just like the common cold, but psychologically we get sick and think swine flu our minds are powerful and make us more sick so they call it the swine flu.
Doctor: I Think You Have The Swine Flu.

Person: No! I have a very bad respiratory infection and a stuffy nose. My temperature may rise to 102.7 but there's no such thing as a 'swine flu'

Doctor: Um..okay then..
by Swineian October 31, 2009
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