1. The only thing other than mexicans that is now attempting to cross the US border in the millions.

2. What you accuse someone of having if u hear a cough.
CNN: the swine flu came from Mexico
The rest of America: No fuckin shit

Passenger 1: Cough*
Passenger 2: Bitch get the fuck out of here u gots the swine flu
Passenger 1: Ill swine flu ua ass if u dont get the fuck outta my face
by I like sex with pigs April 27, 2009
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Just another one of those things the media makes more big of a deal out of than it really is.

by Giovanni Mann May 02, 2009
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An influenza that (supposedly) originated in Mexico. Has potential to become an epidemic. And you thought Mexico had a border?
You're fucked.

Guy 1: Hey, let's go to Mexico and do drugs for the summer!
Guy 2: Awesome, I'll drive!
Guy 1: *cough*
Guy 2: *splutter*
*Swine Flu kills both*
by tacomince April 25, 2009
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Just another one of the governments experiments on population contol. See AIDS and Taco Bell.
The government realized that the population was getting too large, and would cause people to starve. In an effort to aviod this, they created the virus AIDS. Well, that dosen't kill enough people, so then they created Taco Bell, but thats not killing as much as it is causing diareaha. Aha! They have a new idea. They created the Swine Flu virus and blamed it on Mexico! It's a win-win! (Or is it?)

Wash your hands, and keep clean. Don't be another victim of the government.
by Dewit April 30, 2009
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A virus causing much less ownage than the vaccine manufacturers want you to know about.
Businessman: ZOMG, it's Autumn when everybody gets sick; let's give the flu a name like "Swine Flu" to boost our vaccine sales!
by anarkizm October 29, 2009
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an illness from Mexico that seems to be indistinguishable from the normal flu, and is more of a bunch of hypochondriacs parading around announcing how many symptoms they have up to date.

as much as everyone hates hearing these updates, secretly they're all is hoping someone DOES have it, so that school will get shut down and the make up days will be waved (preferably, for high schoolers, after prom and before graduation).
Evan: I have five symptoms of Swine flu!
Ashley: Oh my God! Not Swine! Eww don't cough on me!
Tom: Nobody has it, okay? (thinks to himself: but someone oughtta get it, wouldn't it be nice to have a free vacation....)
by emilioooo13 May 05, 2009
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