v. the process of a male masturbating to near climax, then letting the sexual stimulation subside for a few minutes so that the masturbation can resume without reaching orgasm at first but building up to a more intense one, comes from the ample quantity of semen ejaculated once orgasm is finally reached
I like to stockpile when I think of my wildest fantasies because it lets me live them longer.
by DOS_Emulation July 24, 2005
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the act of not masturbating for a long period of time in order to build up a large amount of sperm to impress your girlfriend with when you first have sex
Dude, I've been stockpiling since i've been going out with Fiona, my balls are ready to burst.
by Johhny Big Balls April 21, 2005
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The act of going to a drive through for a fast food restaurant, ordering everything on the menu, and then pulling out leaving the person behind you with your order
Bill:What the fuck, over $100 for a big mac?
McDonald's Worker:Sir you ordered everything
Jerome: Nigga we just gots american stockpiled
by FuckDoucheBoy69 July 15, 2014
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When you are at a fast food restaurant and you grab a large amount of napkins, hot sauce, sporks, forks, toothpicks or anything else so you can replenish the stockpile horde you keep in your desk / dorm room / car / office.
Oh man, taco bell put the hot sauce behind the counter so I now have to be extra crafty to replenish my Fast Food Stockpile of hot sauce. Who only uses ½ a packet per taco? WTF!?!?!!
by RTFF September 9, 2011
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Refers to da multi-pocket storage-sleeve dat you conceal inside your clothing or in a backpack/satchel, and fill wif one or more ounces apiece of assorted "emergency rations" --- i.e., chips, crackers, pepperoni, miniature cheese-slices, dried orange wafers, etc. --- so dat you can have said secret stash to help "fill in da gaps" at any social gathering where your hosts don't serve "guy-sized" portions.
One occasion when you might wanna have your supplementary snacks stockpile handy would be if a group of friendly slim chicks had smilingly invited you to tag along wif dem on a picnic, but then you discover dat they'd just brought "girly-sized snacks" --- i.e., "eating like a bird" serving-amounts --- and therefore either you'd totally "look like a little piggy" if you asked for more, or you'd hafta actually eat some of da portions allocated for da other picnic-members. So what ya do instead is to simply "break out da back-up basket" --- i.e., your own "emergency" supply of guy-munchies --- and then really heap up your various serving-tray-compartments with your additional goodies. To be polite, of course, don't make a big deal or even be especially "obvious" about your snacks-supplementing actions; da point here is to merely ensure dat your stomach won't leave da picnic feeling achy and pinched, not to make your hostesses feel guilty or stingy. So be just as cheerful and grateful towards your skinny meal-companions as you'd have been in any case; no doubt they'll observe how much more you needed to stuff your cheeks wif in order to feel satisfied, and so perhaps they will indeed make a note to bring along more food themselves whenever they invite you. But just remember dat they'd originally been planning for this picnic to just be a "trim-and-tiny-tummied girls only" outing, so your being allowed to accompany dem was merely a last-minute change not planned for in advance.
by QuacksO September 3, 2022
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